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Patio Cleaning Acton W3

Patio Cleaning ActonIn case you consider putting your property on the market or renting it out, pressure washing of your patio using professional services will make it pricier. Our staff of cleaning technicians are properly trained and qualified to work with steam cleaning machines and ensure effective patio cleaning in Acton W3 and everywhere nearby.

Use our reliable services to make your outdoor paved, natural stone and tiled areas impeccable and perfectly clean. We work using the latest machines and purified water under high pressure to remove stubborn grime, stains and soiling.

“I have used this company a few times, and I have to say their cleaners were quite efficient. They were punctual and got to work right away. They cleaned my patio and driveway quite quickly, I liked that. I checked their work of course, and it was amazing, not a spot missed. Thanks. ” – Amanda

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Professional Patio Cleaning Services Acton

Our cleaning technicians use advanced jet washing machines which ensure:

  • In depth sanitising of tiles, pavement, paths and natural stone surfaces
  • Cleaning of moss, weeds and algae
  • Perfectly washed and impeccable patios

The service is not guarantee for full removal of any stains.

Whenever you need to have your pavements, pathways or tiles outside your property thoroughly cleaned and rid of the grime, give us a call. Our staff will check the condition of your patio and apply suitable pressure washing using hot or cold water under pressure. It is effective in removing of all kinds of stains, hard dirt deposits, mould, algae, weeds, etc.

Pressure Cleaning Services
Pressure Cleaning £2.5 /m2
Jet Washing£2.5 /m2
Driveway and Patio Cleaning£2.5 /m2

We have a minimum call out charge which is £40.

Veranda Cleaning W3

jet-deck-washing-actonYou will receive excellent washing and bringing back of the cleanliness of your paved, tiled and stone outdoor surfaces which will make your home look great. Our cleaning staff are trained to work with pressure washing machines and use the latest and most effective equipment. They conduct professional patio cleaning in Acton suitable to be used in domestic and commercial estates.

Take advantage of our affordable jet washing services to make the outdoor paved, tiled and natural stone areas around your property look great. We work in line with the demands of the customer and can ensure the safe and presentable state of the pavements, tiles and patio areas around your estate.

Call us or use our booking form to reserve the patio cleaning that we offer in W3 at reasonable rates and convenient to the customer time.