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Cleaning Services Acton W3

Cleaning Services ActonOur company is a number one cleaning services provider for Acton W3 and the area, and we feel confident to say that we can give you an outstanding cleaning service. Thanks to our fantastic and unmatched cleaners, we can clean your home spotlessly.

What is more, we are offering you to hire our cleaners for regular maintenance. And the best part is that our prices are very reasonable and all of our services are fairly priced. So feel free to hire our one-of-a-kind cleaning service.

“I think this company and their end of tenancy cleaning deserve the highest praises. I had to have an emergency cleaning of the property and I called this company. They were all very understanding and helpful. I got an outstanding cleaning service for a fair price. ” – Barbara

How to Book a Service with our Company?

If you decide to book one of our professional cleaning services, all you need to do to schedule an appointment is to contact us. You can do that over the phone or via email. Our customer support agents are available every day of the week and will guide you through the booking process. With their help, you will be able to create and schedule the best, most suitable cleaning solution for your situation. You will be asked a few questions so may sure you answer them as well as possible. Feel free to provide us with additional information and place personal requests. We will tailor the entire service to fit your needs. Find the few simple steps you should complete in order to book an appointment listed below.

  1. Contact us via phone or email. You will be provided with extra information about the services and the booking process.
  2. Answer the questions we ask as detailed as possible. That will help us understand exactly what you need and prepare the cleaning team with the best, most suitable tools and products for the project at hand.
  3. Place personal requests and combine your cleaning service with additional tasks in order to customise your service and receive exactly what you need.
  4. Our working schedule is flexible and we will be able to fit yours. Pick the best, most suitable date and time for your appointment – we are available 7 days a week.
  5. Receive the free price estimate that will be personally generated for you. Your booking agent will provide you with it over the phone for free.

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Professional Cleaning Services Acton

We promise you, you will not regret choosing our company and our cleaning service. Here is something else you should know about us:

  • Our cleaners are background-checked, they are experienced and highly skilled
  • Our work time is Monday to Sunday, and we work on bank holidays as well
  • Our cleaners work flexible hours, they are available for appointments at any convenient for you time
  • Our prices are economical, and affordable even to people on a budget
  • We operate in Acton and the area
  • We guarantee you more than 100% efficient results

“Working with this company was an amazing experience. Everyone was very polite and the lady I spoke to over the phone managed to create the perfect job for me. The cleaning team arrived on time and completed everything in no time. I could not be happier with the final results.” – Jessie Soo

Beyond the Surface: Our Service Overview

To ensure that all cleaning services we offer are of high quality, we provide our cleaners with detailed task lists which they follow throughout the procedure. These lists include the basic tasks that will take place as part of the service, as well as the additional tasks you decided to include. See an example below:

  1. Kitchen Cleaning: surface degreasing, scrubbing and disinfection, cupboards cleaning and organising, kitchen appliance cleaning, rubbish removal, floor sweeping and mopping.
  2. Bathroom Cleaning: surface cleaning, deposit removal, glass and mirror polishing, bathroom fixture deep cleaning and disinfection, decluttering, organising, thorough disinfection of faucets, shower heads, light switches, etc. and vacuuming and mopping the entire floor.
  3. Living room cleaning: dusting and polishing of all surfaces – wooden and glass, decluttering and cleaning cupboards and storage units, vacuum cleaning of all carpets and upholstery, disinfection of commonly touched items such as remote controls, light switches and door handles.
  4. Bedroom cleaning: dust and grime removal, decluttering, window cleaning (on the inside), carpet, upholstery and mattress vacuum cleaning, thorough disinfection of all door handles, light switches, remote controls, etc. and floor deep cleaning.
Domestic Cleaning Services Acton
Regular Cleaning£19/h
One Off Cleaning £20/h
Bathroom Cleaning £20/h
Spring Cleaning £20/h
Kitchen Cleaning £20/h
After Builders Cleaning from £21/h
Deep Cleaning £20/h

Complete Your Clean: Premium Add-On Services

If you would like to book any additional cleaning chores or request special tasks, just let us know. Our booking agents will arrive prepared and take care of everything you requested. Find a list of the additional tasks we offer which you can combine your original cleaning service with.

  • Window – we offer thorough window cleaning both inside and outside of the windows even on top floors. Our cleaning experts will use high quality tools and products leaving your property cleaner and brighter.
  • Oven – the oven cleaning experts will scrub and disinfect the entire oven (inside and outside). ALl grease and grime will be eliminated, reducing the amount of bad smells and smoke. Your appliance will be clean and fresh for you to enjoy.
  • Refrigerator – all components of the refrigerator will be cleaned and disinfected. Spilled food, mould and mildew will be eliminated and the appliance will be thoroughly organised.

If you choose our company for your cleaning service provider, you will not have to worry about anything. Our cleaners will come to your home with task lists for each room and will clean accordingly. You can customise said lists, if you wish to.

Or you can simply prepare task lists of your own, so that our cleaners know what you want cleaned and what you do not want.

“I am more than happy with the service I received from this company. They are very organised, polite and knowledgeable. My entire property is spotless and I feel so much better. Thanks to the entire team, excited to be working together again.” – Bob Sanders

Affordable Cleaning Services W3

Professional Cleaning Our cleaners will do general cleaning chores, such as – vacuuming, moping, dusting, degreasing, sanitising, wash windows, wipe down all surfaces and kitchen appliances, remove cobwebs and mould, take out the trash, water plants. But they can also do other things, like washing dishes, laundering, ironing clothes, changing bed linen, and many others.

We promise you, you will love our customisable and convenient cleaning service. Plus it is performed by true professional cleaners.

So do not waste any more time, give us a call right away and let us help you. We are a renowned cleaning services provider in W3, and you can count on us.

Frequently Asked Questions

That really depends on the type of service you are receiving, the additional tasks you included and the size of your property. When the cleaners arrive, they will inspect the home and provide you with an estimated time.

You will be provided with a personal price estimate. You will only be charged for the tasks you chose to include in the service. Your booking agent will generate a bill for you where you can see exactly what you are being charged for.

If needed, yes. However, all cleaning solutions we use are non-toxic and free of toxic chemicals. They are eco-friendly and completely safe for human and pet health.

Not at all. You must provide access to the property, however, you do not need to be there while the cleaners are performing the service. Feel free to go on about your day. You will have to come once the cleaning team is done and inspect the property.